FC Urban and Homefans seal a partnership

Official Partnership Announcement – 03.02.2021

FC Urban and Homefans are delighted to join forces and announce their partnership. It will allow both startups to tap into their joined audiences and compliment their respective value proposition: to provide the best digital and physical experiences, and get together and take part in a community of football lovers who get together to play the sport in the best locations in the world. All in all, both communities will benefit from this and get access to exclusive perks and content.   

Homefans is the first go-to sports marketplace that offers more than 350 experiences led by locals and in partnership with professional clubs and organisations across 4 continents. Their aim is to connect sports fans across the globe around one simple concept: to share the love for the game by crafting and delivering the best memories through our varied range of experiences led by locals or professional clubs. From Buenos Aires to Miami, from Glasgow to Belgrade and beyond. 

The unique Homefans marketplace model incorporates the fan experience at the heart of its value proposition, and one of the most rewarding experiences is to get behind the ball and connect with like-minded people. FC Urban landmark venues will be added to the marketplace so the Homefans community can choose to take part in those.

Equally, the FC Urban community will be granted unique access to the portfolio of physical and virtual experiences, as well as to the recent launched Homefans Shop with perks and rewards exclusive to ongoing members.  Lastly, both companies will extract the best stories out of the community members and will develop a joint content creation format to amplify their stories on their channels. 

Sharing our communities will connect more people at the roots of each football community around the world, which really is an exciting prospect. This is what football should be all about and having an extra platform to share such experiences is something to look forward to!

Official Statements

FC Urban UK Manager, Ashley Skellington,  stated:

“I’m delighted FC Urban have established a partnership with Homefans. We share the same values with regards to understanding the importance of football and community within society. This partnership should allow FC Urban and Homefans to continue to grow and spread the pure concept that is football and all the wonderful things that surround it!”. 

Homefans Founder Daniel Velásquez said of the partnership:

“Homefans has always been keen on tapping into communities of football lovers and active players of the sport. We believe there are huge similarities between our existing community and FC Urban’s. We are delighted to seal this partnership to offer a more complete service portfolio to both communities. I am sure they will enjoy it!”

Keep an eye on both companies’ social channels for future developments. 

Social links 

Homefans LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/homefans 

Homefans Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/homefans/ 

Homefans Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/homefanssupport/

Marketplace: https://homefans.net

Shop: https://shop.homefans.net

Corporate video: https://vimeo.com/470122948

Virtual Tours video: https://vimeo.com/501697088