FC Urban Master

FC Urban Master

The FC Urban Master has a very important function. They ensure the success of FC Urban at the roots level. It is very important that they fulfil a number of roles during the matches.

Job Description

The FC Urban Master is the one who leads the game. He/she welcomes the players at the spot, checks attendance and distributes bibs. In addition, the FC Urban Master ensures that the pitch is playable before the players arrive. These two factors are very important for the organisation of the matches and should be communicated with the FC Urban Manager if need be.

During the game, the FC Urban Master may be required to make up the numbers to play in the game and will also be in charge of keeping time, score and taking note of goal scorers for the stats. This all must be relayed to the City Manager after the game for the stats to go on the website!

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Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to build the biggest football club in the world

The FC Urban story began in The Netherlands when founding members wanted to create the platform to play football games without the rigid commitments and obligations of competitive football clubs at high prices. Casual and affordable football was the aim where you just pay a small monthly fee and opt-in and out to play games whenever it suits you. Today, FC Urban Netherlands hosts games in several Cities and since 2018, it has branched out across the sea to London, UK.